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Prolongation of the visitation zone in Nørrebro/Nordvest in Copenhagen

Police estimate that the gang conflict is still running and therefore the visitation zone put in place on 16 September in Copenhagen has been prolonged.

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By Bente D. Knudsen    Picture: Københavns Politi

Danish police take no chances, and after the incidents in September with shootings and violent attacks, when the visitation zone was first put in place due to violent episodes between two gangs fighting for control, they have decided to prolong it once again.

The visitation zone is stablished in parts of inner Nørrebro and the Copenhagen district of NV (Nordvest).

It is valid as of Monday 28 October at 12:00 until the 15 November at 18:00.

The decision is made because the police evaluate that there is still an ongoing conflict between two criminal gangs in the Copenhagen area, a conflict with has led to the use of guns and other weapon.

One gang is centred around the inner Nørrebro and NV districts, the other gang is centred around Hundige in Greve, and a range of people in this group also have connections to people who live in Ishøj,” says Copenhagen Police director Anne Tønnes in a press release.

Find out what it means below.

The visitation zone – also shown on above map – encompasses the following area:

The Copenhagen Police’s visitation zone covers the area of: Nørrebrogade – Fælledvej – Nørre Alle – Universitetsparken – Lersø Parkallé – Tuborgvej – Tomsgårdsvej – Frederikssundsvej – Nordre Fasanvej – Hillerødgade – Nørrebrogade.

The aim of the visitation zone is to meet the local population’s safety and security concerns by ensuring that people in the area do not carry or possess weapons.

According to the police the visitation zones are an effective measure in the police’s efforts to remove weapon from the streets, which is the aim of the visitation zone.

A visitation zone means that the police can stop people on the street, on their bicycles or in their cars to check their possessions, search their bags and even a body search, if needed, may be done.

Under normal circumstances they are not allowed to do so randomly but must have a “reasonable suspicion”.


Knives not allowed in the visitation zone – find out more below.

If you are not yet aware of it, then take note not to bring even a small pocket knife when you are in the visitation zone area.

Also in public areas, at any time, small pocket knives – typically those we use with a bottle opener etc. below 7 cm,  are only allowed if they can be said to have a valid reason for being in your possession – for instance you are going on a picnic. In general you are not allowed to carry knives in a public area.

Even small pocket knives – below 7 cm – are not allowed when you go out during the evening to a nightclub, restaurant, coffee house or any other public area during the night, what the Danish police call “generelt knivforbud i nattelivet“.


Picture: Copenhagen Police.