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Get a free experience of the world-famous Danish ballet, when the Danish Royal Ballet ensemble goes on tour from the 9 to 19 June with free open air performances at unique sites.

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By Bente D. Knudsen Picture: Det Kongelige Teater

For the 14th time, the Royal Danish Ballet tours the Danish countryside.

It’s a great opportunity to get introduced to the world of Danish ballet. This year there will be performances from eight small and new ballets, and of course the final act of famous Bournonville ballet Napoli.

The performances take place in ten different cities each year.

As the Danish summer weather can be unpredictable, the show will be cancelled in case of rain, but only last minute. They do everything they can to avoid cancelling, so even if it rained some time before the performance, it may not be cancelled.

If the weather is fine right before it is scheduled to take place you can be sure they will dance for you.

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This year watch amongst other; Grand pas Classique, Pas de deux from the Camelia, Solo and Pas de deux from the second act of Cinderella, Pas de deux fra Ryamonda and Tarantella from Napoli.

A total of 16 dancers will perform: Ida Praetorius, Kizzy Matiakis, Marcin Kupinski, Gregory Dean, Jonathan Chmelensky, Jón Axel Fransson, Stephanie Chen Gundorph, Silva Selvini, Astrid Elbo, Wilma Giglio, Alexander Bozinoff, Guilherme de Menezes, Kaledora Fontana, Emma Riis-Kofoed, Mattia Santini and Ryan Tomash

So, pack a picnic basket, bring family and friends for an enjoyable performance with dance and music.

PS this is a popular event, so you won’t be alone.

And for the performance at Fredensborg, one of Denmark’s most passionate ballets lovers, HM Queen Margrethe, will be there as well.

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Schedule Royal Ballet Open Air tour 2019

9 June at 16:00 Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen

10 June at 19:00 Byparken in Korsør

11 June at 19:00 Krabbes Grønne Ring, Kjellerup

12 June at 19:00 Rebild Bakker, Skørping

14 June at 19:00 HEART, Herning

15 June at 19:00 Sønderborg Slot

16 June at 19:00 Anlægget, Billund

17 June at 19:00: Kongens Have, Odense

18 June at 19:00 at Fredensborg Slotshave (Queen will be there – it is in her garden)

19 June at 19:00 Torvet, Præstø

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