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Too many are gathering in large crowds – STOP DOING SO

With the lovely weather the past days and announced sunny days for the weekend, the Danish Head of Police issued a strong warning.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

Danish police’s method of talking to people telling them to spread out and to stop their picnicking with large groups of friends is not enough, as unfortunately, with the fine weather and after a long winter, people are not listening as much as they should.

Therefore, Thorkild Fogde was clear this morning when he issued his warning.

“We will fine people from now on who are not respecting the measures enforced of avoiding crowds and not gathering in groups of more than 10 people.”

The fine could be up to DKK 1,500 per person, and even if the police would have liked to avoid this, believing in reasoning and talking to people, the head of police said that they will now start issuing fines to those who do not seem to understand that this is serious and that social distancing is a must.

He underlined that people can of course go for a walk or bike ride and walking together with the members of your household is OK, but he advised against sitting on crowded benches and that large groups in the sun are not going to be tolerated.

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If you are in a park or an area where there are so many people that social distancing is not possible, then go somewhere else.

Keep your distance of preferably 2 meters to other people.

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