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Tour de Denmark for only DKK 125 – take the train on Saturday 8 October

A new campaign by DSB – Døgnet rundt – invites travellers to make the most of 24 hours of non-stop train-rides around Denmark.

You may have noticed this billboard at the bus-stops. or in the Danish newspaper. and wondered what it was about? Certainly, if you did not watch the Danish version of X-factor you may not know famous musician Blachman – one of the judges (the nasty one some say) on the show.

You can choose to take the Tour of Denmark ticket allowing you to go anywhere you want to and back for only DKK 125, or just explore Jutland, Funen or Zealand for DKK 50.

DSB is expecting it to be quite a success and warn that you might want to also purchase a pladsbillet – seat ticket to make sure you can sit while travelling. Another good thing about the deal is that adults can bring two children under the age of 16 for free (per adult ticket).

Once you have your ticket – you can get on and off whenever you want to. But remember – you have to be home on time – a bit like Cinderella- before the end of the 24 hours, or you will have to buy a full price ticket to get home. So be careful!

What are you waiting for, start planning today. Any particular destination you always wanted to check out and found too expensive – maybe Aarhus for a day could be the ting – or go to the country festival in Aalborg taking place 7 & 8 October. Check out Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense,  the Danish impressionists in Skagen, climb the stairs at Møns Klint, or take a trip down memory lane to the Cold War Museum of Stevns.

You can travel between Saturday 8 October from 04:00 until Sunday 9 October at 03:59.

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