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Travellers in Copenhagen without M3 and M4 for two weeks in February- M1 and M2 normal

The two metro lines in Copenhagen must close to be able to prepare for the opening of the metro prolongation to Sydhavn and Valby

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By Bente D. Knudsen  Picture: Sehrish Haq

This summer, Copenhagen will get five new metro stations on the M4 line, however, before the final go can be given, test runs are necessary to obtain the required safety approvals.

As the M3 and M4 lines are connected they most close for passengers for two weeks from the 10 to 26 February.

“A great many people have adopted the M3 and M4 and the lines have become part of everyday life. We are very happy about that. Therefore, we are sorry that we must close the M3 and M4 completely for two weeks in February. But when we extend the M4 to Sydhavn and Valby, the last test phase is necessary so that we can get the required safety approvals to be able to drive with passengers this summer. And unfortunately, the testing cannot be done without inconveniencing our customers, as systems and trains are connected in the M3 and M4,” says Rebekka Nymark, director of Metroselskabet in a press release.

Every week, approximately one million passengers travel on M3 and M4.

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The metro lines M3 and M4 have one common driverless control system with common stations, trains, and tracks on the section between Østerport, Marmorkirken, Kongens Nytorv, Gammel Strand, Rådhuspladsen and København H.

It therefore requires a temporary suspension of operations on M3 and M4 to adjust and test the control system, so that the five new stations in Sydhavn and Valby can be connected to the existing metro system.

The period from 10 to 26 February has been chosen because those two weeks, weeks 7 and 8, are the main winter holiday weeks for schools in Denmark, thus making the impact less as fewer passengers are expected during this period, especially during rush hour.

During the time of closure of the M3 and M4 lines the metro company will put in place alternative “metro” buses, which will largely cover the M3 and M4 stations.

The buses will run approx. every 3 minutes during rush hour on the most central routes.

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However, take note that longer travel times are to be expected and the buses have limited capacity also with regards to prams etc, and at times there will not be room for everyone.

Passengers are encouraged to find alternative travel options with the S-trains, M1 and M2, Movia buses as well as the metro buses which will be operating to replace the M3 and M4 lines.

There will be stops at all M3 stations except Nørrebro, Skjolds Plads and Aksel Møllers Have and at all M4 stations from Orientkaj to Copenhagen H.

At Nørrebro, passengers are directed to S-trains and Movia’s buses.

At Skjolds Plads, please refer to Movia’s buses.

At Aksel Møllers Have, there will be staff who can guide passengers from the metro station to Movia’s bus lines on Godthåbsvej and to the metro buses on Falkoner Allé.

Extra staff will be in place at all stations on the M3 and M4 to help passengers with information about the metro buses and other transport options.

Find a link to the alternative Metro Buses here   Only in Danish but as there are maps with street names they are quite easy to read even if you do not read Danish.

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