Get enough C Vitamin – put in small fruit pauses during the day

As the greyness of January may start taking its toll on you, remember that it is important to stock-up on C-vitamin. It is not only good for your health, the C-vitamin fruit is also delightfully colourful.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

Let us face it, January is per definition a grey month. In December at least, we had all the Christmas lights, whereas this month, they are gone from the streets and the days are still short, even if they are slowly getting longer.

It is not unusual to feel a lack of energy at this time of the year, and a good way to boost it, is by getting a good dose of fresh C-vitamin, now in great stock with for instance oranges and grapefruits available at all grocery stores.

Clinical dietitian, Maiken Beck, says to Villabyerne Weekend that:

“You can make some really good smoothies for instance with orange, lemon and banana. Or with spinach and green cabbage. It should not be a main meal, but a snack, which gives you an energy boost.”

In addition, pineapple has a good content of C-vitamin as do frozen berries such as blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.

Frozen fruit and berries have been found to contain more vitamins during the winter as fresh berries and some fruit is often picked before it ripens and shipped to Denmark.

Take note though that the Danish health authorities recommend that consumers, who want to be sure the frozen berries do not contain harmful bacteria, should boil frozen berries for one minute before using them for smoothies or other dishes where the berries are not cooked.