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The end is near, soon they will all be lying on the ground

Make the most of the beautiful and brightly coloured foliage before the last leaves drop to the ground, announcing that winter is near.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

If you live close by a park or the forest, you will have noticed how, increasingly, the trees and shrubs have shed their leaves during the last few days to carpet the ground.

Within the next seven to ten days, they will all be bare, as typically from around the 17 November, the gardens, parks and forests are left only with the colours from the evergreen plants.

So the last weeks of November are the ones to spend outdoors as much as possible if you enjoy the multicoloured look of autumn.

DMI’s latest seven-day forecast does not hold much frost to make the last leaves drop, instead it will remain mild.

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A large high-pressure system will build up over the middle of Scandinavia, which means that the northern most parts of the country will remain dry, even with sunny spells, whereas the southern parts of the country may see short passages of cloudy and rainy weather.

Overall the next seven days will be dry with temperatures on the high side at between 8 to 11 degrees Celsius and most nights at between two to seven degrees, locally night time temperatures could drop to below 0, however ,on the whole, it will be slightly warmer than what is normal for the season.

In the week of 16 to 22 November, the high-pressure system will move south southeast allowing for more humid and warm weather to reach the country, it will be mild but grey and foggy and temperatures will rise to between 11 to 13 degrees C.

The last week of November will remain the same before the first winter month of December could bring colder weather.

If you do want to spend more time outdoors whatever the season -find inspiration in our article here.

We will keep you posted and look out for signs of more white winter weather in the forecasts as DMI already announced that the first week of December could bring a change in weather with more white and frost in the air.